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    The Firm

    COVID changed the way people work, lawyers and courts included. After COVID, in fact, the Arizona Supreme Court issued an administrative order establishing remote hearings as the norm in many instances, except when live testimony from witnesses needs to be taken, in which case, the court wants people to appear in person. Law firms, like courts, learned to use videoconferencing and other technologies to conduct things (like depositions) that used to be done almost always in person.

    Robert Pearson Law is a modern law firm providing quality, accessible, and personal legal counsel to businesses and individuals in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We apply workflow lessons learned from COVID to create efficiencies, saving our clients costs and making the experience of hiring and working with a lawyer easier, more informed, and more personal. We often do remote hearings by videoconference, for example, to save the cost of travel to the courthouse. We also offer videoconferencing for routine substantive communications with clients about their cases for a more personal touch. Sometimes you want to see your lawyer face-to-face, even if it’s on a screen. We also use online client portals (similar to patient portals offered by many physicians), which allow us to easily communicate in a messenger-like format and exchange documents with clients all in one, secure place. The client portal also has a convenient mobile app specifically for clients.

    We currently have a virtual office in the L Offices North located 1860 E. River Road, Suite 325-116, Tucson, Arizona 85718, in the foothills at the corner of River and Campbell, where we receive mail and meet with clients. A receptionist is present Monday-Friday during normal business hours.

    Working with other lawyers

    We work well with other lawyers, whether it’s on opposing sides of a litigation matter, or bringing parties together on deals. We work with lawyers in other ways too. Sometimes a case demands more than one attorney or has a component requiring a specific expertise. We have an extensive network of colleagues and legal professionals at reputable firms in Tucson and Phoenix with which we can co-counsel on a matter, or work together under a more limited independent-contractor relationship. Currently, for example, Robert Pearson Law PLLC is “of counsel” to Lancer Law, a firm here in town.

    Another way we work with lawyers is on referral fees. Under certain circumstances, the Rules of Professional Responsibility allow a lawyer to collect a fee for referring a case to another lawyer, even when the referring lawyer is not in the same firm and does not work on the case. We will consider referral relationships with other lawyers that comply with the ethical rules. If you are a client or potential client, and we refer you to a lawyer with whom we have a monetary referral-relationship, we will tell you.